Caring For Our Pets While We Care for Ourselves

Loving Yourself Jul 16, 2020

Our pets are members of the family. They are the healers of our hearts, souls, and even bodies. They help get us through excruciating challenges in life and lift us up in our saddest moments. Sometimes, pets can even be your reason for living. I’ve also come to see that our pets can also hold us back from getting the help we truly need for our mental health.  

Up until recently, I was not aware of any help or assistance available to clients for pet care for individuals with mental health challenges (or other situations). I have been working with a client where a treatment centre was out of the question because there was no one to care for their pet. I was at a loss of what to do. I have two dogs, a cat and I foster, to boot. I know what my family means to me and I couldn’t imagine having to give them up, or not having them to come home to. How could I possibly ask a client to do that? Well, I can’t and couldn’t. Out of sheer desperation, I reached out to the rescue that I foster with, in hopes that we might be able to do something, anything, to assist.  That is when I learned of two organizations called Through Ruff Times, and Zachary’s Paws for Healing.

My heart lightened! I was told that there are specific organizations to help people in situations like the one my client was facing. Not only are these incredible organizations here to help with this specific situation, they are also able to help with people leaving violent situations, homelessness, among others.

There is help out there and getting the support you need doesn't mean that you have to give up what is most precious in your life. I am so happy, as a therapist, that I am able to do more for fellow pet lovers, like myself.

These are the links to the aforementioned organizations:

Through Rough Times -
Zarchary’s Paws for Healing -

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