Couples Counseling Near Me - When To Start The Conversation

Couples Counseling Near Me Mar 06, 2019

It’s been in the back of your mind for a while now “My relationship has not been going as well as I thought it would be. Maybe some couples counseling near me would be a good idea.” So, half the problem is on its way to being solved. Your other half may still need some convincing.

How to Have the Conversation

First, be clear about your couples counseling goals. How do you see counseling helping to reach your relationship goals? Think through how you would like your relationship to feel in the future. One of the most important traits you can posses is the ability to focus on your future self’s well-being.

Next, share how important your relationship is to you with your partner. Let them know you want to go the distance and do what it takes. Accept the responsibility that is yours. Couples counseling is not about going to ‘fix’ anyone. The relationship is the core of the counseling.

So When Should We Start the Conversation?

Finally, start the conversation at a good time. In the middle of ‘the silent treatment’ or a big fight are not good times. Don’t be afraid of ruining a good moment in the short term. Your goal is to focus on the long term.

Couples Counseling Near Me

couples counseling near me - holding hands

It is absolutely key to choose a psychotherapist near you who understands the nature of your situation. It is vital that neither partner feels they will be ‘ganged-up-on’ or told they are totally to blame. Relationships are complex, and it is that complexity that brings both the sorrows and the joys. And remember, there is absolutely no shame in reaching out for help.

Contact Spring Berriman at Beach Psychotherapy to set a time to discuss your relationship, and create a plan to make your future better together.

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