How do you find the right Therapist?

Find the right therapist Sep 16, 2019

How do you find the right therapist? How do I know the person I am talking to and sharing my issues with is equipped to deal with my situations and provide the right answers? These are all valid questions and concerns. We promise that after reading this article, you will be convinced that you are indeed seeing a suitable or unsuitable therapist.

Why is my therapist looking at me so much, observing every movement?

Don’t be nervous! A professional therapist will observe your movement, physical and verbal reactions when you are talking. The reason for this is so that your therapist will be able to provide you with valuable feedback on how you can improve your state of mind and thus improving your mental health as a whole.

A Professional Therapist is Clear About What They do

There are hundreds of different categories when it comes to therapy. So of course, there cannot be a one size fits all therapist out there. A good idea it to check your Therapist’s website as well as call them to confirm that they are indeed well equipped to help you with your situation. For example, here at The Beach Psychotherapy we deal with stress management, personal development, relationship, grief counseling and group therapies .

Find the right therapist - woman smiling

I Have Started to Notice an Improvement in my Ability to Open up to Others

This is great! And a clear indicator that you have found the right therapist for you. Opening up to people, whether it is to your therapist or your friends and family is a sign you are capable of exposing your vulnerabilities which shows immense mental strength and state of mind. Please check out our article “Psychotherapy and the Quest for Happiness” for more on this topic.

Here at The Beach Psychotherapy we are well equipped to work together to improve your state of mind. Together, we talk and learn how you can improve the way you interpret and react to situations. Please feel free to contact Spring Berriman at 647-296-9235 to set aside some time to talk so that you too can find the right therapist.

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