Grief Therapy - How and Why it Can Help You

grief counselling Toronto Mar 06, 2019

Do You Need Grief Therapy?

Grief is a feeling that touches and affects everyone. There is loss in every life. There are tremendous losses, like the death of a spouse or a child. And there are less socially recognized losses such as divorce, declining health, loss of employment, or moving to a new city. Grief therapy supports every type of loss.

It can be difficult to know for sure when so-called ‘normal’ grieving is at risk for becoming a more complex grief. Mourners sometimes move into a deep depression, then have trouble caring for themselves and cannot manage activities of daily living. That is most certainly complex grief, and requires grief therapy. But what about the rest of us? Can grief therapy help people going through a difficult loss who are not completely stuck?

Grief Therapy Does Not Mean There Is Anything Wrong With You

grief therapy - man looking in distance

Processing grief is an intensely personal experience. Each person, and each loss, is unique. As a result, each grieving process has its own character. Grief therapy undoes the stress associated with trying to ‘get over it’. At the same time it supports the adjustment needed after the loss. Most importantly, you must remember: seeking therapy is your first major step in achieving a better well-being for yourself, and that there is no shame in reaching out for help!

Moving through grief is intense. Spending time in conversation with a supportive psychotherapist, like Spring Berriman at The Beach Psychotherapy, can be helpful as you deal with your loss. These safe, casual, conversational times help you develop coping skills as you work through your loss.

Contact Spring Berriman at Beach Psychotherapy to set a time to discuss your situation, and create a plan to make your grieving process easier and to create a better future for you.

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