Therapist Near Me | What Can a Therapist do to Help?

grief counselling Toronto Mar 07, 2019

Life is stressful. There are times when it is downright overwhelming. And then sometimes it would be nice to just know you had someone on your side. It would be nice to have someone to talk to who wanted nothing more than what is best for you. And that’s why you wonder… “Is there a therapist near me that can help?”

Yes. Yes, There Is A Therapist Near Me!

Everyone needs support. There are some times in your life when you need it more than other times. Perhaps recently you’ve had a relationship problem, or a tough time at work. Stressful situations can trigger deeper issues that make it even more important to get the support you need. Here at Beach Psychotherapy, Spring Berriman helps people just like you every day. She knows how to support you in your struggles with:

  • grief therapy
  • couples counseling
  • eating disorders
  • stress
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • emotional crisis
  • and more
Therapist Near Me - Woman Sipping Coffee

How Does a Psychotherapist Work with Me?

As a psychotherapist, Spring works in coordination with your psychiatrist, if you are seeing one. She will support your current therapy plan, and help you move ahead with your life. If you are not seeing a psychiatrist, Spring is able to work with you to develop and implement a plan to reach your goals.

Many people find that over time their friends and family get tired of hearing the same stories about their ongoing struggles with these issues. This can create relationship problems, and distance you from your support system at the times you need them most. Spring will help you take the pressure off your relationships, and regain the joy that comes from those connections.

Everything seems brighter when you have someone on your side. Contact Spring Berriman to set a time to discuss your situation, and to create a plan to make your future better, together.

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