Psychotherapy and the Quest for Happiness

Personal Development Sep 08, 2019

We as humans are creatures of habit and circumstance. When we react to a situation or an event in our lives, the reaction is mostly formulated in our heads. These are called emotional responses, and they can often be misleading and confusing when you think of what happiness truly is. One of the big issues is when a person knows what they need to be happy, but don’t know what actions to take in order to be on the right path.

How Can I be on the Quest for Happiness?

Before you ask yourself this question, the most important distinction to make is the difference between pursuing happiness and practicing it. When you pursue happiness, you end up completely ignoring the journey, but instead, you focus on the destination. However, to practice happiness is to look both at your destination and your journey.

For example, your quest for happiness could be getting accepted into the position of your dreams. Unfortunately, you do not do well in the interview. Your emotional response could be “I didn’t get the job so I am probably terrible and unqualified!” or “I learned a lot by realizing that I’ve made mistakes in the interview and could vastly improve by fixing them”. The latter indicates a healthy and positive thought pattern which is crucial. When you learn to recognize and take advantage of this thought process, there is very little that can stop you on the path for your happiness.

The quest for happiness girl on skateboard

Where can I learn more about positive thought patterns to improve my perspective on life?

Here at The Beach Psychotherapy we know how to look at both negative and positive thought patterns. Together, we talk and learn how you can improve the way you interpret and react to situations. Please feel free to contact Spring Berriman at 647-296-9235 to set aside some time to talk.

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