Psychotherapy As Front Line Treatment for Youth With Depression

Feb 27, 2020

A recent study conducted by researchers at Orygen, the National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health in Australia shows that youth suffering from depression should be referred to Psychotherapy. This means that rather than a pharmaceutical treatment approach to mental health, Psychotherapy should be considered as a first measure.

The findings of the study

The findings of the study focused on patients between the ages of (15 to 25). What the study found, was that people receiving Psychotherapy treatment alone were just as happy as people receiving both Psychotherapy and antidepressant medication treatments. Additionally, it seems that the antidepressant treatment played a much larger role for the older people in the age range as opposed to the youth.

What do the findings suggest?

Simply put, we should focus on giving depressed youth high-quality Psychotherapy treatment rather than focusing on a mix of Psychotherapy and antidepressant treatment straight away. However, this does not mean that the role of antidepressants is not important in some situations, and should be discussed with doctors or clinicians first!

Depression affects around 20% of teens by the time they become adults. Some common and noticeable symptoms of teens suffering from depression include: withdrawing from activities, school, feeling sad and hopelessness, poor self-control, anger, and overreaction.

So how can a therapist help me?

youth with depression

When you struggle with depression, anxiety, eating disorders or relationship problems you need support. Everything seems brighter when you have someone on your side with your best interest in mind. With the right therapist, you can learn to observe negative behavioural patterns that are negatively impacting your life, and how to correct them. To learn more about how a therapist can help you, check out our article here.

Here at The Beach Psychotherapy, we are well equipped to work together to improve your state of mind and. Together, we can learn and talk about how you can learn to better and more comfortably understand yourself. Please feel free to contact Spring Berriman at 647-296-9235 to set aside some time to talk to help you find the right therapist.

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