Psychotherapy Toronto | Self-confidence & Self-esteem

psychotherapist near me Feb 27, 2019

Practicing psychotherapy in Toronto means a lot of different things. I get to meet a lot of different people, on different paths, journey’s and stories. The one thing many people have in common though, is self-confidence and self-esteem.

Why sometimes you feel good about yourself and other times you don’t.

It can be like a yo-yo. Sometimes you know you can handle something, something tough, even. Maybe it’s a project at work, or a difficult customer. You are the person everyone knows can handle it.

Other times, you wonder if you can manage anything. It’s hard to even get off the couch. You might even call yourself names that you would never call anyone else!

That’s because self-confidence and self-esteem are different things.

Your confidence is based on the history you have with accomplishing things. It’s about how well you do things. It’s about how you feel about your skills.

Your self-esteem is based on what you were told about yourself when you were a child. It’s about how much you like yourself. It’s how you feel about yourself based on what your caregivers said and did when you were growing up.Y

You can make a difference to these feelings.

Psychotherapy Toronto

There are many ways to make a difference in both your self-confidence and your self-esteem. You can’t go back and change your childhood, but you can change the way you think, feel and react to it. You can learn new skills and create new accomplishments to feel good about. One of my favourite sayings is to love yourself from the inside out, not outside in.

In the past, prior to being a psychotherapist, seeking out a therapist near me whom I thought would understand was a challenge and thought I had to do it on my own.

I’m here to tell you, you can stop the yo-yo. We can work together to strategize, heal and create new thought patterns, goals and skills. Not just to improve self-confidence and esteem but self love too. Don’t feel daunted by your task, if you’re seeking psychotherapy in Toronto, there is a wealth of practitioners and resources out there to help you.

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