Relationship Therapist Toronto | The Management of Stress and Anxiety

psychotherapist near me Feb 27, 2019

Dealing with daily chronic stress and anxiety can be excruciatingly difficult, and is one of the biggest things I work on with clients, not just doing psychotherapy in Toronto but also being a relationship therapist in Toronto too.  

Relationship Therapist Toronto - Angry Couple

How do I lessen this Burden?

There are things you can do to lessen the burden in life and relationships:

  • Don’t minimize. Too often I hear “but that’s okay” and “I’m fine”. Stress and anxiety are real problems, you are not making it up.
  • Make small lifestyle changes if you can. I personally know if I have coffee after 2pm, my anxiety can spike and I won’t sleep, so I limit my coffee to one per day.
  • Spend extra time in “self love” and “self care”. What does this mean? Make time for yourself. Quiet time for yourself. Try stopping being busy and trying to keep yourself busy. Be present.
  • Seek help. If your ankle were broken or you had allergies you would seek out the right kind of help to make you feel and be better. Stress and anxiety are no different.
  • Remember to create boundaries. Not too sure how? Listen to your emotions, they are your compass and will always guide you.
  • Repeat “I am enough”. Because you are and saying so really can help.
  • Consider medication. Sometimes the stress and anxiety is supported by an imbalance of brain chemistry that only the right type of medication can bring back into harmony.
  • Last but not least, breathe. The simplicity of breath and bringing yourself back into your body and allowing for more awareness. All too often, we’re caught up in our own heads. Concious breathing brings us back into our bodies.

So What Does this Mean?

Today’s world is frantic and everything is always on the go. We live in a now world but that doesn’t mean YOU have to pay the price both emotionally and mentally. Being a relationship therapist in Toronto, even I sometimes forget the impact my stress levels have on my relationships.

Don’t be embarrassed to make a logical choice to receive the assistance you need to help you manage, cope and even thrive without stress or anxiety running your life. You can take back control.

If you’re seeking psychotherapy in Toronto or a relationship therapist in Toronto,  we can work together to collaborate and build up your stress management toolbox and discover what outlets are right for you and your relationships.

Call The Beach Psychotherapy today at 647-296-9235.

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