Small Steps Can Lead to Big Leaps in Your Happiness!

Mar 13, 2020

In life, many of us feel like we are responsible for creating our own happiness. Some might think that their goal for happiness is living in a big house with all the possessions they can possibly desire. While some might say that for them happiness is living with a clean bill of health for them and their family with a roof over their head. Regardless of what your definition of happiness is, here are some small, simple steps we can all use to incorporate into our lives to make us all a little bit happier.

Get inspired!

A lot of times, we wish to pursue a goal or hobby. This can be daunting, especially if this goal or hobby is something you haven’t done before or are inexperienced with. The best way to really get the ball rolling is to get inspired! Find a person that does something that you particularly enjoy and see if their core values align with yours, and through that, you can find the motivation and a figure to aspire to.

Get mindful!

Another simple yet very effective step we can incorporate into our life is mindfulness. Simply put, to be mindful is to take notice of the present moment while not fixating and judging it. Additionally, you want to really focus on your breathing and relax, notice how when you do this you feel more calm and collected. As a result, we are more relaxed and less immediately critical when responding to the situation as we are able to assess them in a more calm and collected way.

Find the right therapist - woman smiling

We really hope you enjoyed this short read, and hope you start incorporating some of these into your life as well! If you would like to learn more about Psychotherapy, please check us out at The Beach Psychotherapy. Feel free to contact Spring Berriman at 647-296-9235 to set aside some time to talk if you or someone you know is in need of professional Psychotherapy.

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