The Key to Living Your Truth is by Being Honest with Yourself

Oct 28, 2019

Human beings are attracted to the notion of creating a perfect impression or illusion of themselves to please others. So it’s no surprise that a lot of the time, we attempt to sugarcoat the way we think or would actually act in certain situations, just so we can supposedly make a good impression. This, however, is not a good way of being honest with yourself.

What are some of the downsides to sugarcoating the way we think, act and are?

You become more vulnerable: When we cover up our traits and behaviour, we also open ourselves up to vulnerabilities. When someone is able to spot you doing this, they might call you out on it or want to ask you about it. In this case, you might feel exposed and that your defense mechanism has been breached.

You live in a false expectation of yourself: When you live under certain assumptions and expectations of yourself for long enough, you will gradually start to hold yourself up to that standard. This can lead to anything from stress, anxiety to depression.

Being honest with yourself - girl on skateboard

Stop sugarcoating, start being honest with yourself!

There is nothing better than being honest with yourself! Sure, at times it can be one of the hardest things to do because everyone has something specific about their reality they are not quite fond of. However, being honest with yourself allows you to be placed in reality which allows you to cope better with situations and improve your state of mind.

How about an example?

Think about a situation of where you or someone you knew were in financial hardship. Maybe they were attempting to live a lifestyle not suitable for their financial situation. In this case, they might attempt to convey wealth to the public just so they can please themselves and the people around them, while, in reality, they are relying on loans are lying to themselves!

Here at The Beach Psychotherapy, we are well equipped to work together to help you live your honest truth! Together, we talk and learn how you can be more honest and open with yourself. Please feel free to contact Spring Berriman at 647-296-9235 to set aside some time to talk so that you too can find the right therapist.

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